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Where Tiny Beginnings Foster Lifelong Bonds

Unparalleled Infant Care in Minooka, IL

From gentle lullabies to the first exploratory crawls, Discovery Child Care's Infant Services are crafted with love and expertise. Our nurturing environment caters to your baby's individual developmental needs, ensuring comfort, safety, and growth at every stage. With our experienced caregivers by their side, every day is an opportunity for your little one to flourish under attentive and personalized care.

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Little Steps, Big Discoveries!

Leading Toddler Care in Minooka, IL

As toddlers begin to explore the world with newfound curiosity, Discovery Child Care provides the ideal backdrop for their adventures. Our Toddler Services are designed to foster exploration, enhance motor skills, and cultivate social interactions. Guided by seasoned professionals, children delve into a realm of playful learning, ensuring that each day is a blend of joy, discovery, and growth.

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Where Tiny Steps Make Big Discoveries

Top-Rated Two Year Old Child Care in Minooka, IL

Transitioning from infancy to the thrilling world of toddlers? Discovery Child Care offers a program tailored for the unique wonders of two-year-olds. Our certified educators engage young minds with stimulating activities, fostering cognitive and emotional growth. Dive into a world where every day is an adventure, and each lesson is a stepping stone to brilliance.

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Where Little Minds Flourish

Leading Preschool Program in Minooka, IL

Discovery Child Care's Preschool Services open a world of curiosity, creativity, and confidence for young learners. Guided by our seasoned educators, children experience a harmonious blend of play-based learning and foundational academics, setting the stage for future academic success. Join us and witness the transformation as your child blossoms into a confident, inquisitive learner.

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Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders, Today

Premier Pre-K Program in Minooka, IL

Step into Discovery Child Care's Pre-K environment, where every activity is a building block for kindergarten readiness. Our dedicated educators curate experiences that nurture cognitive abilities, social skills, and foundational literacy. As your child approaches school age, entrust them with a program that's designed to kindle their potential and ignite a lifelong love for learning.

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Bridging School Hours with Care & Curiosity

Exceptional Before and After Care in Minooka, IL

Discovery Child Care offers a seamless transition for children before the school bell rings and after their classes conclude. Our enriched environment ensures they're engaged, supported, and relaxed, blending homework assistance with free-play opportunities. Trust in our dedicated professionals to make every moment outside school both beneficial and enjoyable for your child.

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Enhance Their Day, One Hour at a Time

Flexible Before Or After Care in Minooka, IL

Whether it's gearing up for a school day or winding down after lessons, Discovery Child Care's Before Or After Care program provides the perfect touchpoint. We offer a harmonious blend of structured tasks and recreational activities, ensuring every hour is purposeful. Rely on our dedicated team to support and nurture your child, whenever you need that extra hour of care.

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